Photo Credit: Gary James Farias

Bonnie Blue cherishes every day. She remains strong in her faith in God and strives to fulfill his purpose for her. Bonnie's soul resonates with dolphin energy as a result of a deep sea sailing trip where she was saved by dolphins (see dolphin story).

Her encounter with the dolphins has filled her visions with nautical themes. She likes to create whimsical contemplative moments by or under the sea. Like a dance of paint and light onto the canvas or through her hands to the clay, she lets her spirit flow like water. Or perhaps like the diver she once was:

"The image is such a forceful celebration of human spirit- to defy gravity and momentarily be airborne in a subliminal gesture of ethereal flight & spiritual & corporeal suspension. A dolphin in flight celebrating the ultimate alchemical fusion of AIR, WIND, WATER, EARTH and yes FIRE -the fire of the human imagination buoyed by the elegance and courage of the sacred feminine pirouetting through space... part angel, part bird, part dolphin. Wholly human engaged in the daring ballet of well-trained angels."
-Steven Tegu.

She shares a dream with Captain Tom, of sailing the world some day. But, for now they enjoy sailing on his father's Catboat called the "Gannet". Peaches (our dog of 15 years) is now our angel in heaven and we welcome little Oyster.

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All Good Things!
Bonnie Blue
& Oyster too!