Pewter Dolphin Handheld
2 inches

Price: $15

Silver Dolphin Pendant
1 inch
Price: $33

Silver Snake Chain

Price: $10

Silver Dolphin Earrings
1/2 inches

Price: $20

Pendant & Earrings Set

Price: $50

Gold Dolphin Pendant
1 inch

Price: $433

Gold Dolphin Earrings
1/2 inches

Price: $179

Silver Dolphin Pin
2 inches

Price: $33

Bronze Dolphin Pin
2 inches

Price: $25

Bronze Dolphin Pendant
1 inch

Price: $20

Bronze Dolphin Keychain
2 inches

Price: $20

Bronze Dolphin Handheld
2 inches

Price: $20

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The Dolphin Ministry is a "Good Samaritan" program. which use the Healing Dolphin sculptures to help bring a lift to someone in need. Each participating church runs their program a bit differently but each care deeply about God's creatures and want to share this good energy with people in need. The First Congregational Church in Bristol RI have a Dolphin Ministry led by Reverend Bob Greer. See their website for details: . Reverend. Bob Greer has written the following prayer:


Creator of the great and of the small,
author of life, and giver of joy and gladness,
Thank you, God, for blessed creatures like
the dolphins who embody your neighborly spirit and
who gladly give a lift to those in need;
Bless us with the spirit of cheerful friendliness that we may
bring to others encouragement,
& making your joy complete in our time.
In the name of our Captain of Good Cheer,
Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen
The day the sun returned on a perlious sailing trip in 8 days of hurricane force winds, the dolphins came.

I looked into the soulful eye of a dolphin & time stopped. A sense of peace came over me. As if telepathically, I felt unconditional love from her. She acknowledged my pain & I felt a transference of her wisdom & strength. When I woke up the next day, I felt transformed in some way. She gave me the confidence to live a more positive life. It was an epiphany & my life changed that day.
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To Christians, dolphins are the symbol of salvation. In the Greek culture, dolphins represent safety on the seas of life.

When a dolphin appears in someone's life, it is a reminder to breathe new life into yourself and take time to be playful. The dolphins also help to bring the light of peace into your heart.

Go playfully in the
direction of your dreams!

(A percentage of proceeds
go to help the dolphins and our oceans and to assist people in need of a dolphin lift.)

Prices of Silver and Gold may vary based on the market value.

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