All paintings are reproduced on quality paper. Cards are printed in the 5X7 format, are blank inside but are waiting for your good thoughts.
  • Set of 6 Note Cards: $15
  • 8"X10" Print: $15
  • 11"X14" Print: $25
  • 16"X20" Print: $35
2009 Collection:

Redhead Mermaid

Mermaid with Seahorse

Mermaid Lovers

Moon Mermaid

Blonde Mermaid

Mermaid with Dolphin

2008 Collection:

Bonnie Mermaid

Diving Mermaid

Fairy Mermaid

Island Mermaid

Christmas Mermaid

King Neptune

Card Sets and Flowers:

Set of 6
Flower Cards

Set of 6
Flower Cards




Looking for a one-of-a-kind gift? Original paintings of you or your loved one as a mermaid!

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Do you have a special canine in your life? Original paintings of you or your dog one as a merdog are availble too!

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Items are also available directly through Bonnie Blue.
Custom paintings are available upon request, contact for pricing and details.

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